Specialty Wrenches

A torque wrench tightens bolts and nuts. A pipe wrench grips pipes and tubes. Other specialised wrenches include the wheel brace & oil filter removing tool.

A torque wrench is also known as a tension wrench.

It is designed to tighten bolts and nuts using the drive on the end which takes any sockets and accessories found in an ordinary socket set. It is used to tighten fasteners, to a pre determined tension (torque) by the use of a movable scale that allows how tightly the nut or bolt is being done up.

Whilst manufacturers don't specify torque settings for every nut and bolt, when they do, it's important, and that's why the torque wrench is such an important tool.

The pipe wrench grips pipes and tubes and it can exert a lot of force to turn them. Putting more pressure on this wrench tightens its grip more and more. The jaws are hardened and serrated, and increasing the pressure also increases the risk of marking or even gouging metal from the pipe.

A wheel brace is a specialized wrench. This model has 4 different sockets, 1 on each arm. Never hit or jump on a wheel brace when loosening wheel nuts. If the brace won't remove them, use an impact tool. When using the wheel brace, the force provided with your hands is adequate to secure the nuts properly.

This specialized wrench is an oil filter removing tool, which gives that extra leverage when oil filters are tight.