Welding - The Basics

Design Brief: To set-up and safely use the stick welder.

Context: Safety is first in the workshop. Read and understand all of the safety rules before using any tool or machine.

Possible Solutions: Have Mr. Ferguson demonstrate (mandatory) the tool first. Have another student demonstrate the tool. Read the manual that comes with the tool (mandatory). Ensure that you have been certified “competent” by Mr. Ferguson before you use the tool (mandatory).

Detail Design: The following are the steps to safe usage of the stick welder:

1.       Ensure that the work area is clear of hazardous materials (i.e., oil, gas, rags, wood, plastic, etc.)

2.       Do not weld if your pants are frayed or torn as the frayed or torn edges can smolder from the weld splatter.

3.       Put on leathers (jacket and gloves) and welding hood.

4.       Ensure that the welder is off.

5.       Attach the ground clamp to either your work or the metal table your work will be laying upon.

6.       Put a welding rod in the electrode holder securely.

7.       Ensure the ventilation fans are turned on.

8.       Hold the electrode away from any metal and turn the welder on.

9.       Hold the electrode about 2” above your work and say aloud, “shields down” and close your welding hood.

10.    Lower the electrode until it contacts your work using either the scratching or the tapping method to start the electrode.

11.    Move slow and steady, holding the electrode at a 20 degree angle in the direction of travel.

12.    Lift up to finish your weld and then open your hood.

13.    Hold the electrode away from any metal and turn off the welder.

14.    Using a chipping hammer, chip off the slag. Ensure your welding hood has either a clear visor. Otherwise, use safety goggles while chipping off slag.

15.    Put leathers, hood, extra electrodes, etc. away.

Materials: welder, electrodes, leathers (jacket and gloves), shielded hood.

Commissioning: Were you successful in this project when you tried it out?

Evaluation: Did this project work as you expected it to?

Reflection: Did you enjoy this project? What were you most proud of? What would you do differently next time?