Tire Changer

Design Brief: To set-up and safely use the tire changer.

Context: Safety is first in the workshop. Read and understand all of the safety rules before using any tool or machine.

Possible Solutions: Have instructor demonstrate (mandatory) the tool first. Have another student demonstrate the tool. Read the manual that comes with the tool (mandatory). Ensure that you have been certified “competent” by the instructor before you use the tool (mandatory).

Detail Design: The following are the steps to safe usage of the tire changer:
  1. Ensure that the work area is clear of hazardous materials (i.e., oil, gas, rags, wood, plastic, etc.)
  2. Put on safety goggles.
  3. Place wheel in the bead breaker, ensure that the bead breaker is on the tire and not the rim.
  4. Step on the right-hand pedal and break the bead on one side of the tire.
  5. When the cycle is complete, remove the tire and replace it and break the bead on the other side.
  6. Place the tire on the column and ensure that the alignment pin is through on of the bolt holes in the rim.
  7. Put the threaded cone on to hold the wheel in place.
  8. Swing the arm over and lock the bracket on the edge of the rim.
  9. Using the pry bar against the bracket, pry the tire over the bracket.
  10. Step on the pedal and as the tire revolves and is coming off the rim, remove the pry bar.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 to remove the other side of the tire.
  12. Swing bracket arm out of the way and remove the tire.
  13. Spread rim-slip lubricant (slippery juice) around both beads on the tire.
  14. Place the tire back on
  15. Swing the bracket arm back in place.
  16. Feed tire under the bracket by hand. Then step on the pedal to replace tire.
  17. Repeat step 16 to replace the other side of the tire.
  18. Unlock the bracket on the arm and swing the arm out of the way.
  19. Put the air hose on the valve stem and depress the left-hand pedal to inflate (ensure that your hands are clear of the bead)
  20. Pull up on the tire if necessary to seat the bead.
  21. Remove the air hose.
  22. Remove the threaded cone.
  23. Remove the tire.
  24. Put gloves and goggles away.

Materials: Tire machine, goggles, and rim-slip lubricant.

Commissioning: Were you successful in this project when you tried it out?

Evaluation: Did this project work as you expected it to?

Reflection: Did you enjoy this project? What were you most proud of? What would you do differently next time?
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