Engine Blocks

Topic Summary

Cylinder Block
The cylinder block is the largest part of the engine. Its upper section carries the cylinders and pistons. Normally, the lower section forms the crankcase, and supports the crankshaft.
Cylinder Block Construction
Cylinder blocks made of aluminum are lighter than cast-iron blocks of the same size. They usually have cast-iron liners which provide a hard-wearing surface for pistons and piston rings.
Engine Blocks & Pistons
The major engine components include the cylinder block, cylinder head, pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft.
Cylinder Sleeves
A dry sleeve can be cast or pressed into a new block or used to recondition cylinders. A flanged, dry sleeve has a flange to fit a recess in the block. A wet sleeve has an outer surface directly exposed to coolant.
Grey Iron Grey iron is a cast iron that contains carbon in the form of graphite, plus silicon, manganese and phosphorus.