Emergency Situation Simulations

Scenario 1

You are visiting your grandmother at her apartment when she states that she is feeling nauseous. She becomes progressively worse, complains of pain in her back and chest and takes some medication. You ask what it is and she says it is nitro. She is resting in a chair but not feeling any better and takes some more medicine.

You know that she has already had 3 strokes and three heart attacks and are very worried and wonder if you should call for an ambulance.

As she takes medicine for a third time you notice that her colour is strange, very pale and kind of gray. She says that the medicine doesn’t seem to be working.

You decide to call 911.

Other facts:

  • Grandma is 63 years old
  • She lives in Pembroke
  • Her address is 77777 Ottawa Street E.
  • Apartment 77
  • Phone: 613-555-5555


Scenario 2

You are hiking in the woods with some friends on an old logging road when you hear the sound of a motor further down the road. Suddenly a 4 wheeler comes flying around the corner out of control and strikes a man who was walking the other way.

The man is thrown into the bush and you and your friends rush over to see if he is okay. One of your friends has some first aid training begins trying to control some major bleeding from the upper leg.

Your friend says “A tree branch has punctured all the way through the man’s thigh and his leg may be broken. He needs an ambulance! He has deep cuts over a foot long on each side of his leg.”

You offer to run down to the van you came in to press the medical emergency OnStar button and get help.

As you leave you see that the driver of the 4 wheeler has offered to drive the man down to the highway, slowly over the bumpy terrain so he can meet the ambulance.

You run to the van and press the medical emergency button.

Other facts:

  • You were hiking on the Eagles Nest Trail
  • You are parked by Highway 508, a couple km past the peaks (heading away from Calabogie)