Emergency Dispatch Communications

Context: To show that the general operating procedures of a communications dispatch centre. You may depict any emergency scenario that you wish for this 9-1-1 call log.

Design Brief: To prepare a fictitious call log of a 9-1-1 call.

Possible Solutions: Outline as many different (or alternative) solutions for the design brief as you can.

Design Constraints:

  1. List all of the things you had to consider or take care of to realize a successful completion of this project.

Detail Design: The following are the steps for the task:

  1. Use the two emergency scenarios to create two fictitious 9-1-1 call logs (typed).
  2. Type out your own emergency scenario.
  3. A typed report simulating a 9-1-1 call log will be created.
  4. Submit the three 9-1-1 call logs as well as your emergency scenario via the Google Form.

Materials: List all materials and equipment used.

Commissioning: Were you successful in this project when you tried it out?

Evaluation: Did this project work as you expected it to?

Reflection: Did you enjoy this project? What were you most proud of? What would you do differently next time? Major tools and skills learned.

See Sample dispatch logs

Communications Protocols