Project Name — Tube Kazoo

Manufacturing Musical Instruments

Design Brief: To design and make a Kazoo.

Context: Sound waves are set in motion by vibrations or rapid movement. Sound also travels through liquids and solids. Place your ear on one end of your desk and lightly tap your fingers on the other end. Now lift your ear and tap lightly again. The sound was louder when your ear was on the desk because sound travels better (and sometimes faster) through other substances than it does through air.

Possible Solutions: List as many solutions to the problem outlined in the context. Ensure that your solutions are strong and fully developed.

Design Considerations: List all of the things you had to consider for this project. Ensure that your design considerations are strong and fully developed.

Detail Design: Fit the waxed paper over one end of the tube. Hold it in place with the elastic band. Make a hole in the tube about 1-½” from the covered end. Press the open end against your mouth and begin humming. To alter the sound, use the aluminum foil instead of the waxed paper. The piece of foil should be large enough to cover the hole you made in the tube. Ensure that the foil is free to vibrate.

Materials: A paper-towel roll, a piece of waxed paper, a piece of aluminum foil, and an elastic band.

Commissioning: Were you successful in this project when you tried it out?

Evaluation: Did this project work as you expected it to?

Reflection: Did you enjoy this project? What were you most proud of? What would you do differently next time?