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Section 19.1

Review Key Concepts

1. Open-face sandwiches have one or two slices of bread placed side by side, with the spread and fillings on top of each. Closed sandwiches have the bread slices stacked on top of each other, with the filling and spread in between the slices of bread.

2. When choosing breads, select breads that are not too hard or crusty and that do not overpower the fillings. Also, be sure to choose breads that are thick enough to hold the sandwich filling without tearing or breaking apart.

3. Appropriate sandwich accompaniments include chips, French fries, vegetables, greens, pickles, olives, or fruit.

Practice Culinary Academics

4. English Language Arts The first sandwich is attributed to a Jewish rabbi, who put food items between pieces of matzoh at Passover. During the Middle Ages, thick pieces of bread were used as dishes. The sandwich grew popular in the United States as bread became a staple in the American diet. Compare American sandwiches with typical sandwiches of other countries, such as the Italian panini or the Vietnamese bahn mi.

5. Mathematics Each slice of bread should be 2 5/8 inches wide. Students should convert the 7-foot length into inches by multiplying 7 × 12 = 84 inches. Dividing 84 inches by 32 yields the per slice measurement: 84 ÷ 32 = 2 20/32, which can be reduced to 2 5/8inches.

Section 19.2

Review Key Concepts

1. Hot sandwiches may be served either open-face or closed. Hot turkey or crab sandwiches are usually served open-face with gravy or sauce spooned over the top. Hot sandwiches are often served with a side salad, soup, or French fries.

2. Choose items whose shape, color, and texture add interest to the dish. Some popular garnishes include fruit, radishes, and parsley.

Practice Culinary Academics

3. English Language Arts Answers will vary, but some additional examples of eponyms include: Alzheimer's disease, boycott, diesel, Honda, Jacuzzi, leotard, Mattel, mausoleum, the Morse code, and shrapnel.

4. Science Sprouts can be grown in about two weeks, no matter what the season is. Students' evaluations should be descriptive about how they thought the sprouts affected the taste and texture of the sandwich.

5. Mathematics The angle of each slice on the first pizza is 360°÷ 10 = 36°. For the second pizza, since each angle is 45°, there must be 360°÷ 45°= 8 slices of pizza.

Section 19.3

Review Key Concepts

1. A meatball is a ball of ground beef, poultry, veal, pork, or a combination. Meatballs are usually served with a sauce.

2. In table service, hot appetizers are served to each individual at the table. In contrast, in butler service, appetizers are carried on a tray and served to standing guests.

Practice Culinary Academics

3. English Language Arts The public service announcement should clearly, creatively, and accurately reflect a persuasive pitch for serving more healthful appetizers along with multiple examples of healthful appetizers.

4. Science Answers should focus on the ways in which the appetizer stimulates the senses and the appetite. One important factor will be portion size, since an appetizer should be large enough to provide a teaser, but not so large that it lessens the appetite and takes away from the enjoyment of the entrée.

5. Mathematics Carlo needs approximately 7 cups of the meatball mixture. The radius of each meatball is half of its diameter, or 0.5 inches. The volume of one meatball = (√3)(3.14) (0.5)(0.5)(0.5) ≈ 0.523 cubic inches. The volume of all 200 meatballs is 200 × 0.523 = 104.6 cubic inches. Converting to cups results in 104.6 ÷ 14.4 = 7.26 ≈ 7 cups.