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Section 17.1

Review Key Concepts

1. An egg has three main parts: shell, yolk, and white. The shell is a hardened layer that protects the contents. The yolk is the yellow center part, which contains fat, proteins, iron, and vitamins. The white surrounds the yolk and contains most of the protein in the egg.

2. As a breakfast meat, ham is usually pre-cooked. If it is pre-cooked, it needs only to be warmed and browned slightly under the broiler or on the griddle before it is served.

3. Break the egg into a bowl, add milk if desired, and whisk until well blended. Heat butter on the cooking surface, and when it is hot, add the egg mixture. Cook over low to medium heat, stirring slowly and allowing uncooked egg to run under the cooked portion. When the egg mixture is set, but not yet hard, it is done. Remove from the heat immediately.

Practice Culinary Academics

4. Social Studies Answers will vary, but you may choose to report on dishes such as egg drop soup (Chinese), pad thai (Thai), crêpes (French), huevos rancheros (Mexican- American), huevos reales (Spanish), quiche (French), or flan (Spanish).

5. Mathematics Neal will get 64 slices from the 1-foot slab of applewood-smoked bacon. One foot is equivalent to 12 inches, and 12 inches divided by 3/16 inches equals 12/1 × 16/3 = 193/2 = 64.

Section 17.2

Review Key Concepts

1. Quick bread choices include muffins, biscuits, sweet loaf breads, and scones. Pancakes and waffles are also considered quick breads.

2. Breakfast cereals include both hot and cold cereals. Hot cereals are made from whole, cracked, or flaked grains cooked and served hot. Oatmeal is a common hot cereal choice. Cold cereals require no preparation and are served cold with milk and other accompaniments. Granola is a common cold cereal choice.

Practice Culinary Academics

3. English Language Arts The essays should describe the basic procedure for making a quick bread. You may wish to include a recipe as well. The body of the essay should describe the procedure in chronological order and give examples of tips and tricks. Turn in your outline and rough draft.

4. Social Studies Many cultures have fried bread products that would be appropriate for breakfast, such as beignets, churros, malasadas, or funnel cakes. Fried bread items that may not be appropriate as a breakfast item include poppadums, curry bread, and hush puppies.

5. Mathematics The areas are 50 square inches and 5 square inches. The area of the larger pancake = (3.14)(4 in.)(4 in.) = 50.24 sq. in. ≈ 50 sq. in. The area of the smaller pancake ≈ (3.14)(1.25 in.)(1.25 in.) = 4.90625 = 5 sq. in.