Which is not a consideration for a commercial kitchen layout?
A)The type of foodservice establishment
B)The amount of available space
C)The number of people to be employed
D)The menu items to be prepared and number of meals to be served
Which station would be included in the garde manger work section?
A)Cold beverage station
B)Broiler station
C)Sandwich station
D)Griddle station
Which is not a cooking line arrangement?
A)L-shaped arrangement
B)Parallel, side-to-side arrangement
C)U-shaped arrangement
D)Parallel, back-to-back arrangement
Which is not included in mise en place?
A)Putting dirty mixing bowls in the dishwasher
B)Assembling necessary ingredients to prepare food
C)Preheating the oven
D)Cleaning and chopping vegetables
What is a benefit of using an efficient range of motion?
A)Eliminates unnecessary stops and starts
B)Saves time and energy
C)Keeps you from straining back, arm, and leg muscles
D)All of the above
Where does the food flow begin?
A)The storage area
B)The receiving area
C)The purchase order
D)The weighing area
Why is aluminum not recommended for storage containers?
A)It reacts chemically to acidic items.
B)It can shatter when cold.
C)It is not strong enough.
D)It becomes too cold to handle after refrigeration.
Which type of refrigerator can fit under the counter of a service station?
A)Walk-in refrigerator
B)Roll-in refrigerator
C)Lowboy refrigerator
D)Reach-in refrigerator
How long can foods be kept at temperature of 0°F (18°C) or below?
A)One week
B)One to six weeks
C)One to six months
D)One year
Which is not a step in cleaning a shelving unit?
A)Use hot, soapy water to thoroughly clean shelves.
B)Rinse with clean water and sanitize.
C)Dry the storage unit thoroughly.
D)Line the shelves with wax paper.
What is the first step in cleaning a slicer?
A)Set the blade control indicator to zero.
B)Be sure the machine is turned off and unplugged.
C)Wipe the machine with a damp cloth.
D)Follow the instruction manual to take the slicer apart.
Which item is not classified as preparation equipment?
A)Can opener
B)Food processor
C)Work table
Which heat source cooks food by transferring energy from the cooking equipment to the food?
In which type of steamer does the steam not come into direct contact with the food?
A)Steam-jacketed kettle
B)Pressure steamer
C)Regular steamer
D)Combination steamer/oven
Why is it necessary to recondition a griddle?
A)So the griddle will retain a nice appearance
B)So foods will not stick to it
C)So the griddle will continue to cook evenly
D)To remove any scratches from the griddle
How large is a full size hotel pan?
A)20 ¾ in. x 24 ½ in.
B)20 ¾ in. x 6 ½ in.
C)13 ¾ in. x 12 ¾ in.
D)20 ¾ in. x 12 ¾ in.
Which piece of holding equipment can also be used to melt ingredients?
A)Steam table
B)Bain marie
C)Overhead warmer
D)Proofing cabinet
Which of the following is not a piece of service equipment?
B)Insulated carrier
C)Chafing dish
D)Coffee system
What does the number on a scoop indicate?
A)How many scoops the kitchen owns
B)How many tablespoons are in one level scoop
C)How many level scoops it takes to fill a quart
D)How many level scoops it takes to make a cup
Which of the following is not generally a use for a hotel pan?
A)Prepare food
B)Cook food
C)Serve food
D)Store food