Check Your Answers After You Read

Section 8.1

Review Key Concepts

1. Standards of quality have been developed so that managers and food safety professionals can judge the performance of a foodservice operation.

2. The FDA requires nutrition labels to be placed on food packaging. The label must show the percent of the daily dietary value in the food based on a 2,000- or 2,500-calorie intake. The label must also show the number of calories per serving, total calories, and the amount of certain nutrients in the food.

3. The three main areas that must meet industry standards of facilities maintenance are: floors, walls, and ceilings; equipment; and facility design.

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4. Social Studies Discuss whether you researched a standard, law, or regulation, and which government agency enforces that standard, law, or regulation. Summarize, as accurately as possible, the standard, law, or regulation and demonstrate an understanding of its purpose. You might also want to discuss differences at the local, state, and federal levels.

5. Mathematics The horizontal scale (x-axis) should list the names of the months, from January through June. The vertical scale (y-axis) should list the number of injuries, from 0 to 6. Draw a bar above each month that indicates the number of injuries that occurred in that month.

Section 8.2

Review Key Concepts

1. The Equal Employment Opportunities Act requires businesses to have affirmative action programs. It applies to restaurants with at least 15 employees who work at least 20 weeks per year.

2. The IRCA states that only U.S. citizens and people who are authorized to work in the United States may be legally hired. The INA states that employers must fill out an I-9 form for each employee.

3. Employee responsibilities include being aware of their rights under the law, following the laws, and providing correct information about themselves and their jobs to their employers and the government.

Practice Culinary Academics

4. Social Studies Choose a law and think about how the law has affected businesses in their area. They may want to search news archives from the time the law was passed or interview local business owners. The changes should be a related effect of the passage of the law, not just a coincidental occurrence after the law was passed.

5. Mathematics Subtract the current depth from the required depth. Since the lowest common denominator is 6, the problem can be rewritten as 4 4/6 − 4 3/6. This yields the answer 1/6 foot (or 2 inches).