Which is not a basic skill needed in the foodservice industry?
A)Math skills
B)Passive listening skills
C)Speaking skills
D)Writing skills
Which is an example of active listening skills?
A)Ask the speaker questions to clarify points you do not understand.
B)Pronounce words clearly and correctly.
C)Regulate your volume.
D)Stand with your arms folded across your chest.
How might you demonstrate reliability?
A)Adjust to changes without complaining.
B)Be truthful and loyal in your actions.
C)Keep personal matters separate from business matters.
D)Communicate effectively.
Which is not a professional organization?
A)International Association of Culinary Professionals
B)Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
C)National Restaurant Association
D)Research Chefs Association
Which is not a way to use technology effectively as a resource?
A)Do not waste time learning tasks that the computer can do for you.
B)Apply basic computer skills.
C)Use your own skills.
D)Respect computer resources.
Where can you find out about job openings?
B)Family and friends
D)All of the above
What is not typically included in a foodservice job portfolio?
A)A résumé
B)A sample menu
C)A health record
D)A letter of reference
What should be included with your résumé when responding to a job request?
A)A letter of request
B)A cover letter
C)Either a letter of request or a cover letter
D)Both a letter of request and a cover letter
What should you not do during a job interview?
A)Maintain eye contact.
B)Ask personal questions to help build a relationship.
C)Ask questions about the rate of pay.
D)Answer questions clearly and completely.
When should you send a thank-you letter?
A)The day after an interview
B)The day you receive a job offer
C)The day you decide not to accept a job
D)Have one prepared to leave at the end of the interview
Which is not a normal advancement opportunity?
A)From cook to sous chef
B)From pastry cook to pastry chef
C)From pastry cook to sous chef
D)From line cook to sous chef
What is included in collective bargaining?
A)Negotiating safe working conditions and employment contracts, and reporting discrimination
B)Negotiating employment contracts and other job benefits, and discussing performance evaluations
C)Negotiating safe working conditions, employment contracts, and performance evaluations
D)Negotiating safe working conditions, employment contracts, and other job benefits
What does FICA stand for?
A)Federal Income Contributions Act
B)Federal Insurance Contributions Act
C)Family Insurance Contributions Act
D)Federal Insurance Cooperation Act
Which of the following are common benefits that employers give to employees?
A)Health insurance
B)Paid vacation
C)Life insurance
D)All of the above
What is a common range for tip amounts?
A)5% to 10% of the customer's check
B)5% to 15% of the customer's check
C)10% to 20% of the customer's check
D)15% to 25% of the customer's check