RCI Hospitality and Tourism Lab Use Policy

The following policy was created in 2013. It was mandated by the RCDSB's Health-and-Safety Officer that all programs must have one. This policy was reviewed and approved by the Health and Safety Officer as well as the school's Principal.

Priority for use of this lab is set for scheduled classes

Purpose: Health and Safety policies are being reviewed, updated, and adopted within RCDSB. Hospitality facilities need to be maintained at a constant, safe, hospitality, food-handling standard. To reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses this policy has been developed.

Use Policies for Other Approved Functions

·         Sign up with the Hospitality Teacher responsible for the Lab to ensure there are no conflicts.

·         Individuals and groups using the Hospitality Lab must have a minimum of one adult who is always in attendance for the entire duration of the event who has a recognized safe food handling course and who is capable of directing others in the correct procedures.

·         All surfaces must be disinfected with the approved disinfectant before use.

·         Individuals and groups are expected to bring all supplies including food ingredients, paper towels, plastic wrap and plastic bags, parchment paper, disposable dishes, and kitchen linens (while they are usually available — aprons, hats, clean towels, and/or dishcloths — in the Hospitality Lab are not guaranteed).

·         The Hospitality Lab should be left as clean (or cleaner than) it was found with all tools and equipment properly put away.

·         Hats (or hair nets) must be worn by everyone handling food/dishes. No Exceptions.

·         Hands must be washed according to the safe handling. As a reminder additional washing is needed when switching product types (i.e., meat to vegetables, etc.), face is touched, hair is touched, garbage is taken out, anyone who leaves the lab and returns, or any surface/item/product/etc. that has not been disinfected.

·         It is your responsibility to wash all linen such as aprons, hats, cloths, and towels. Linen should be returned properly folded and put away.

·         If you are using the lab for more than one day, all linen must be washed each day. Linen (aprons, hats, cloths, towels) may not be used for consecutive days.

·         Remove any used linen that you personally brought with you.

·         Floors shall be swept after each use.

·         Dishwashing must be done in accordance with the Ontario Health Department standard. This includes a properly set-up wash sink, rinse sink, and sanitizing sink with swish food service 2000. This method must be used for all food production and service items.

·         The RSDSB has banned the use of bleach in all schools. Due to the risk of a chemical reaction. 

·         All garbage should be tied up and placed in one of the outside dumpsters and the bag replaced. Spare bags are in the bottom of the garbage cans. Additional bags may be requested from a custodian. This applies to weekend use as well.

·         No equipment may be borrowed from the Hospitality Lab without prior approval and washing/return instruction provided the responsible food teacher.

·         No food or beverage may be held in the Hospitality Lab without prior approval of the Hospitality Teacher responsible for the Lab.

·         No food shall ever be used for a public/school event and then returned to the Hospitality Lab for storage as this directly is in contravention to the directives of the Ontario Health Department.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation

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Tony Ferguson,
Nov 25, 2014, 7:26 AM