Destination Ideas

Anyone visiting those beautiful islands that are floating in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, will find some of the world’s most magnificent powdery white sand beaches surrounded by towering green hills, languorous climate and a relaxing life style that has become an art form.

The moment one steps off the plane, one is greeted by a radiant sunshine, an intense blue sky and a moist, perfumed air that hints of palm trees and exotic flowers that provide a vibrant punctuation to the surrounding foliage.

It’s pointless trying to capture the magic of the Islands in words and pictures. To even begin to appreciate the unique appeal that each individual island offers the visitor, one has to go there.

Close to home and yet a world apart, the Caribbean Islands is a place with endless possibilities and beauty where you can spend your days any way you wish. Basking on a secluded beach. Hiking through nature preserves. Shopping for beautiful, bargain priced goods from around the world.

Snorkeling and diving is a must if you want to see the undersea gardens that teem with brightly coloured fish and where mysterious volcanoes are shrouded in mist. Re-trace the footsteps of buccaneers and empire builders. And at the end of the day, relax in a pub as balmy breezes touch your cheeks and the sunset glows golden in the distance.

Whatever island entices you, go there! You will leave more than just the mainland behind. Everyday concerns vanish. Cares evaporate. Stress fades. Enjoy each other’s company under a beach umbrella in the tranquil shores where by-gone explorers first planted their flags.


When the theme is Jamaica, the place you hear the most about is Montego Bay or Mo Bay as it is called by its inhabitants. A visit to the sugar factory Appleton, where Rum is made; to the caves in the mountains and to the XVIII century haunted (so the legend says) Rose Hall house is a must.

But if Montego is very popular, Ocho Rios is always reminding us its status as Jamaica’s Garden, with its magnificent vegetation, its great variety of Orchids and flowers spread throughout immense beautiful gardens. Negril with its seven miles of white sandy beaches, has always been a natural Jamaican attraction. The beach seems to have no end, offering you the most private retreats and no building is taller than the palm trees. Port Antonio is only about two hours by car from either Ocho Rios or Kingston but is is probably the most secluded Jamaican holiday resort. The actor Errol Flynn fell madly in love with its idyllic scenery.

Kingston, the capital, centre of the Jamaican art, can very well be considered the cultural capital of the Caribbean islands. The musical phenomenon called reggae was born here and remains alive, as demonstrated by the Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Stadiums. The year’s average temperature in Jamaica is 28 Centigrade and if you are a Canadian citizen and you do not intend to stay for more than six months, you do not need a visa. If you decide to rent a car, do not forget that traffic is done on the left, and if you enjoy gambling then plan to bet on the horse races at the Cayman’s Race Track because there are no casinos in Jamaica. No problem the most popularly used phrase depicts Jamaica to perfection. The only reason aspirins are sold is because rum punch is also sold.


More than 700 islands, 50 miles away from Florida, where you will find fabulous sunny white sandy beaches, freshened by soft breezes. Here you can practice your favourite sport and at the same time admire the natural beauty that surrounds you. Beneath Bahamas’ turquoise blue waters a fantasy world awaits you. Bahamas’ waters have been the stage for various world wide famous films. From the 20,000 marine miles and James Bond’s adventures in For Your Eyes Only, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again to the most recent ones, such as Splash, Cocoon and Jaws of Revenge the producers have chosen Bahamas, specially the island New Providence, for the underwater scenes. The Grand Bahamas is a diver’s amusement park. If you have never dived, you can have some lessons at the West End Diving Centre or at the Underwater Explorer’s Society. The Grand Bahamas has 60 miles of beaches with natural private retreats. Andros, 104 miles long and 40 miles wide, is the biggest and the less explored of the Bahamas’ islands. It is next to this island that the biggest number of Blue Holes in the World are concentrated. Long Island, divided by the Tropic of Cancer shows us two very different faces: one with its beaches and calm waters; the other with steep cliffs plunging into the ocean. Rich soils that once were large cotton plantations and miles of beaches and caves turn this island into a treasure worthwhile exploring. In 1492 San Salvador was Christopher Columbus’ first stop and it still remains a calm, peaceful and marvelous island. San Salvador has one of the oldest kerosene lighthouse in the World. In the Bahamas each island is a paradise, for those who love beaches, outdoors sports and specially for divers who enjoy exploring its underwater beauty. The average temperature in the Bahamas varies between 21 and 27 Centigrades, Winter and Summer respectively. It rains occasionally between June and October. If you are a Canadian Citizen you do not need a passport to go to the Bahamas as long as you are holding any other type of identification and if you are staying no longer than three weeks. With 700 islands it is impossible for the Bahamas not to have a special place just for a perfect honeymoon.


This is a Honeymooner’s paradise. Bermuda matches to perfection its green landscapes with the beaches dug into natural retreats offering newly weds an unforgettable honeymoon. Because of its green fields this island offers golf lovers more golf fields per square mile than any other country in the World. Eight fields in an island of only 21 square miles. But this does not mean that you cannot practice other sports such as tennis, squash, fishing, horse riding and many other water sports. Hamilton, the capital, is also called the capital of ideas as it offers its visitors countless gift ideas. There are hundreds of shops, from big department stores to the smallest boutiques. Here is a suggestion... when shopping try the smaller streets and shops where you’ll find the best deals. By the way what was just suggested is true for other places in Bermuda such as St. George where the scenery is just breath taking, or Somerset a small village located on the island’s occidental coast. There is a ferry boat service between Hamilton and Somerset. Bermuda has adopted the British way of driving - on the left side - and to preserve the environment all you can rent a moped as there are no car rentals to protect the environment. There are taxis, which if showing a blue flag , the drivers are qualified to work as tourist guides at about $20 per hour fee. Bermuda is a semi-tropical island located about 965 km East of Cape Hatteras, North Caroline. The climate is neither very hot nor cold and an interesting fact is that there are two seasons and two changes of season. Very rarely the thermometer either climbs up to 30 Centigrades or falls below 18 Centi-grades. The hottest months are from May to November and the coldest from December to March. A Canadian citizen does not need a visa, any valid identification document is enough: the best one being the passport.

Bermuda... a short trip to a perfect long cherished honeymoon!


Cuba... 11,000 kilometres of coastline surrounding three large mountain areas, deep valleys, plains, bays, and hundreds of white sandy beaches! Rich in both history and tropical beauty, Cuba offers you the perfect scenery for a fabulous and romantic honeymoon. Discovered by Christopher Columbus, Cuba displays examples of colonial Spanish architecture - palaces, churches and mansions. The countryside offers a panoramic backdrop of mountains and sprawling landscape that meets a magnificent sparkling coastline. It’s people are as warm and hospitable as the climate. Its music vibrates with Latin and African motions and beckons you to savor the exotic romance that is unique to this land. Havana, the capital, is not only famous for its cigars, but also for its breathtaking historical monuments, including some of the finest 17th century

Spanish colonial architecture in the World, and for its large open air nightclub Tropicana featuring a fascinating blend of Latin and African entertainment. In Varadero, Cuba’s vacation paradise, at about two hour drive from Havana you will find hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, along with its main attraction - 18 kilometres of exquisite sandy beach that seems to go on forever into the turquoise blue waters.

Watersports are available for almost every taste, including scuba diving sites, ideal for discovering amazing underworld sea life and beauty. On land you can rent everything from a bicycle to a car or jeep and explore the varied countryside. Cienfuegos, Trinidad, San Tiago the Cuba, Cayo Largo are some of many other beautiful places for a romantic and peaceful honeymoon.


Other caribbean honeymoon destinations

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a volcanic island within the curved chain known as the Windward Islands. It covers 238 sq. Miles, 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. It is separated by a channel some 25 miles wide from Martinique in the north and St. Vincent is 20 miles away in the south. St. Lucia’s highest peak is Mount Gimie - 3,145 ft high.

Although the island is small, the sceneries are breathtaking and most impressive. Pigeon Island National Park, Diamond Waterfall and The Pitons are a sight to be seen. English is the official language but all natives speak a French Creole commonly called "patois".

Of all the hotel accommodation available in the island, I prefer Anse Chastanet Hotel. A romantic resort setting amidst a 400 acre secluded estate with two of the most beautiful beaches on the island and surrounded by St. Lucia’s finest virgin coral reefs - ideal for honeymooners, snorkelers, nature lovers, scuba divers and bird watchers. The 48 uniquely designed hillside and beachside accommodations, face St. Lucia’s famous twin Pitons - simply unforgettable!

St. Martin

This 37 square mile island is one of the most unique and charming islands in the Caribbean... It combines three cultures - Dutch, French and Caribbean - The European sophistication and the relaxing Caribbean atmosphere... one wonderful honeymoon...

St. Martin has two capitals. The French village of Marigot and the Dutch Philisburg. Cross border duty free shopping is not a problem... the border is only marked by a sign post! Don’t miss the opportunity of exploring the 36 wonderful white sandy beaches located throughout both sides of the island. Snorkeling and scuba diving are great! Lively nightlife, casino action, great shopping fabulous beaches and watersports...

Domenican Republic

Many newly weds are choosing and discovering the beauty of the Domenican Republic these days, just

as Columbus did 500 years ago! Its’ rich, tropical interior is blessed with high mountain forests of cedar, ma-hogany and pine. Geographically this country is surrounded, on the East side by Mona Canal, on the West side by Haiti, with the Atlantic on the North and the Caribbean sea on the South. The Dominican Republic has more than 1,600 kilometres of shoreline and many terrific beaches. You know you are in a special place as soon as you arrive at the airport. If you like mountains a visit to the top of the 3,175 meter high mountains of Duarte is a must. Santo Domingo de Guzman, the capital, was founded in 1496 and in 1990, UNESCO declared the colonial quarters of this city part of the World’s Heritage as it is here that you will find the first Cathedral, the first Hospital, the first University the first Mansion of the Americas, these and other historical buildings once upon a time transformed Santo Domingo into the Athens of the New Wold as it was called then. So much to see... to discover... to enjoy... this is where you are meant to be!

Visit the islands and experience the warm greetings of sunshine...


In 1958 National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) chose Cape Canaveral for the operational base where, in that same year the Explorer I was launched from. In 1969, Apollo II was launched from Cape Kennedy, today Cape Canaveral, with the first man to ever reach the Moon. Florida had entered the space era and what had been in the past a tropical jungle had become one of the most important scientific centre in the World. From the North to the South, and not to far away, Florida is a charming place for the newly weds. Close and attainable. Your visit to Florida could start from the North-West region of the Estate. Beaches spreading all the way from Pensacola to Tallassee, the Estate’s capital, which returns them to the Golf, where crystal clear green waters surround the island of Cedar Key. Turning towards the North-East you will find yourself exploring a part of Florida which was discovered in the XVI Century by the Spaniards whose architectural characteristics were left be-hind in places such as Augustine, Jacksonville and Ferdinanda Beach. In the Central Eastern Coast, where the scientific attraction John F. Kennedy Space Centre is located, not too far away from the large Daytona Beach, the historical Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach. Florida’s Central region explodes with unthinkable attractions... The exciting experience of knowing the heart of Florida. The West Centre offers you the most varied amusement parks, water sports, cultural resources and touristic resorts near the larger cities such as Tampa, St.Petersburg and Sarasota.

The South-West Region should not be forgotten, close to the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. Then comes the South East Region with the splendour Palm Beach, the simplicity of Fort Lauderdale and the sophistication of Miami... and a trail of coral reefs will guide you to the Florida Keys. About 58,577 squares miles are waiting for you, with an average temperature from 12 to 21 Centigrades in the Winter and from 27 to 30 Centigrades in the Summer; 1,050 golf fields, 530 airports.

Your honeymoon at your reach... Florida!

All the wonderful things are reserved for this occasion. The walks, the scenery, the parties, the trips... So many beautiful places to visit... So many things to see and to do... So many exciting and romantic choices...


Imagine your wedding in paradise. If Barbados is your destination, why not arrange to have your wedding on the beautiful island and begin your honeymoon immediately after. Think of exchanging your wedding vows amidst the flowers of a tropical garden and the glow of a magnificent Caribbean sunset. If you’ve always wished you could get married in the Carribean, your dream may not be so far from reality as you think. Pack your bags and let the wedding coordinators of the Carribean help you organize a minister, a photographer, a bridal bouquet, and any other flowers you may wish to order. All you need to provide is your passport or birth certificate as proof of identity; and any appropriate documents as evidence of divorce if you have been married before. There is also a Bds $100 license fee and a Bds $25 stamp charge.

If you would like to include family and friends, but still retain the romance and privacy of your special day, choose from one of the four St. James Beach Hotels you wish to stay at and arrangements can be made for your family and friends to stay at any of the other three hotels. St. James Hotels offer Wedding packages all year round, and may be the right choice for you.



Travelling through the province of Ontario is for lots of honeymooners an unforgettable experience.

The first impressions fall on the donut shops, the world famous theatres, the delicious local wines, flocks of sheep on the pastures. Antique shops, big farms, different styles of beautiful mansions.

The thunder of water falls, modern cities and Blue Jays memorabilia. This Province offers you the opportunity of discovering and living several emotions, curiosities and wonderful things that are waiting for you. Touristically Ontario is divided in twelve regions:

Southwestern ontario: London, Sarnia and Windsor, Festival country: Hamilton and Niagara

Georgian lakelands: Barrie, Georgian Bay and Lake Huron

Metropolitan toronto: Toronto and Lake Ontario, Central ontario: Peterborough

East ontario: Ottawa, Cornwall, Prescott and Cananoque

The near north: North Bay, Lake Nipissing

Rainbow country: Sudbury, Algoma kinniwabi: Sault Ste. Marie

James bay frontier: Timmins

North of superior: Thunder Bay, Lake Nipigon

Sunset country: Kenora and Rainy River, Lake Woods

One of the most famous places in this Province is without a doubt the water Falls in Niagara Falls (visited by newly weds, dating back from the time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother and his bride’s visit). The bays and lakes, and the cities of London, Ottawa and Toronto are also very popular choices. In the meantime life in the small country towns and rural areas in Ontario offer you the opportunity of enjoying the secrets of a relaxing and romantic honeymoon.


You do not need to travel across the Atlantic to experience the European flavour, to walk over stone-paved causeways, to savor delicious croissants and to enjoy the joie de vivre. All this and much more is a day by day affair for the people of Quebec.

Quebec is the picturesque Canadian Province where French is spoken and life resembles the European ways. During the times gone by it was exclusively inhabited by native American Indians and by Inuits, and with the colonization of the New World, Quebec became the cross-ways of the English and French cultures. The society which developed from those times gave to Quebec of today cultural characteristics that are unique in North America. With its varied landscapes, its rich heritage and its legendary hospitality Quebec can be your honeymoon choice, and whether you are a Quebecois or a visitor you will be captivated by the beauty and charm of the many attractions you will find there. Some of the places to visit: Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres, Montreal, Gaspe, Riviere-du-Lop, Laval, Laurentides, Lac-Saint-Jean.

New Brunswick

It is one of the four Canadian Atlantic Provinces. Very well known by its fishing and shellfish variety. From coast to coast this Province offers you various recreative opportunities of entertainment, excitement and adventure, with special events happening throughout the year and visits to the various touristic places. As a maritime Province New Brunswick offers you 700 miles of sandy beaches... and lots to do: sailing, canoeing, fishing... The unique opportunity of seeing whales in their own habitat, rare birds, or the 48 ft high Fundy Tides the most gigantic ones in the World. All this give splendour to the beginning of your married life. A visit to the city of St. John is a must, the same applies to Fredericton, Moncton, Bathurst, Newcastle amongst many other beautiful places.

Nova Scotia

Say Nova Scotia, the jewel by the sea, and immediately you can visualize the salt on the fishing villages, forests perfumed by pine trees and big dished full of lobsters, shrimps and other types of shellfish. Some of the activities that attract the visitors the most have a lot to do with the cities located by the sea, such as: Halifax, Caribou, Digby and Yarmouth; the possibility of spending some relaxing moments in the parks and visiting small rural villages; Historic trips, festivals and popular events, added to the kindness, the affection and the culture of its people has made it an easy choice for many honeymooners. There are several ways to come to Nova Scotia: by boat, by plane or by car from wherever you come from.

Prince Edward Island

If you are looking for a place where you can spend some days relaxing, being yourself, away from the fast city life, then this is the ideal choice for your honeymoon. In Prince Edward Island there are no Highways, no rush hour, no crowds no confusions. There are instead sand dunes, mountains, pastures and 40 beaches spread out from sunrise to sunset. Oysters, lobsters, crabs and mussels can be caught by anybody without any problem. Prince Edward Island and its capital were the cradle of Canada, where the very first Conference and the first step for the 1867 Constitution took place. This was also Anne of Green Gables’ land. The island is divided in six different areas: North by Northwest, Ship to Shore, The Land of Anne, Charlotte’s Shore, Bays & Dunes and Hills & Harbours, all of them surrounded by the sea. In the Island the activities and the leisure are not in any way limited and they vary from bicycle riding, playing golf, swimming, canoeing and sailing to many others. The weather is perfect for a honeymoon and well deserved holidays, with romantic sceneries full of magic enchantment.


Velvet green hills, shaded with cypresses. Farms with apricot coloured stone houses. Medieval cities with cathedrals and marble towers. Pasta: bavette, pappardelle, gnocchi, tagliatelle. Terracotta bowls full of steaming bean soup. Vineyards, olive yards and freshly painted palazzos, shinning in the matutinal haze. These are some of the scenery that awaits visitors in Italy. The Toscana region invites you to see the monumental marvels of Florence’s art, or to stroll along the beautiful rustic cobble stoned streets of Montalcino and Monte-pulciano cities.

Located in Italy’s North-Central area, about three hours, by train, south of Milan, the region has attracted generations of honeymooners. In Florence, the heart of the Renaissance, you will be able to admire the various masterpieces of Michelle Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci; to contemplate the rich castles of the Medicci; to walk the quaint side-streets near the Duomo with its red ceiling; ti witness street life from the trattorias and coffee-houses.

Some of the region’s specialties - cheeses, presunto and wine - will provide you with the main ingredients for a picnic by either the road side or by the feudal fortifications such as Castellina’s.

Visit the beautiful city of Gaiola, in Chiantgiana, where you can spend the night amongst castles, before exploring Radda, home town to the Piccolo Museo del Chanti and to the Etruscan ruins, without forgetting either the Villa dei Medicci nor the village on top of the mountain, considered the region’s most beautiful.

In Montalcino you have the opportunity of bathing in the spa at the village of Bagno Vignoni and of exploring the renascentist city of Pienza, where the filming of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelle, took place. Other areas worth visiting are: the city of Siena, famous for its annual horse racing (the Palio), Milan, Rome, Naples, Genoa, San Marino and if possible the island of Sicily to complete the tour to the country of the Vatican.


We will introduce you to three of Portugal’s beautiful regions World famous for their unique rare beauty.


In the South of Portugal, surrounded by mountains, sea and the river Guadiana, Algarve is the warmest geographic region of the country.

From the 60’s its dry climate, together with soft sandy beaches, picturesque villages and the hospitality of its people has attracted thousands and thousands of people who wish to have invigorating holidays full of sunshine and natural scenery.

The Algarve has a varied group of facilities to accommodate the necessities of its visitors.

A visit to the city of Faro, the capital, will give you the opportunity of admiring Portugal’s southern art and history. Algarve’s history dates back from pre-historic times, visually identified by several articles on display in the region’s museums.

Besides the beaches and the sun, Algarve has a very typical and delicious gastronomy.

The architecture and the beautiful scenery, the arts and crafts, the folklore and the popular traditions, the vegetation and the variety of recreative and sports activities, have been some of the Algarve’s main touristic incentives. A perfect itinerary should include the most visited places such as: Albufeira, Alcoutim, Aljezur, Alvor, Armacao de Pera, Carvoeiro, Castro Marim, Faro, Lagoa, Lagos, Loule, Monchique, Monte Gordo, Olhao, Portimao, Praia da Luz, Praia da Rocha, Quarteira, Quinta do Lago, Sagres, Sao Bras de Alportel, Silves, Tavira, Vale do Lobo, Vila do Bispo, Vila Real de Santo Antonio and finally Vilamoura. Depending on your personal interests other destinations can be added easily.


Located in the North Atlantic, 1000 kilometres from Lisbon, Madeira is unique in its combination of fascinating scenery and fabulous climate. The beautiful landscapes of this island contrast with the distinctive beauty of the neighbouring island of Porto Santo. It’s pois and agricultural terraces, dense forests and pleasent streams, the mountain tops, high rocks rising from the sea and the folklore roots of its people... all this gives the visitor a constant change of Madeira’s, impressive scenery.

The tropical climate allows the growth of fruits and plants from various parts of the world. Amongst many types of flowers and plants you will find: Orchids, Easter-Mornings, Begonias, Anturios, Birds of Paradise and many others. The art buildings and monuments reveal the island’s history, specially visible on the ornaments of the buildings in the city of Funchal. The wine and embroidery are extremely appreciated all over the world. The beaches and swimming-pools are enjoyed by all the visitors... and there is nothing better for honeymooners than a trip downhill in the traditional wooden cars.


To catch a glimpse on the sea’s horizon of the silhouette of a garden-island... Peace and tranquillity! Flowers, lots of flowers... on the fields... in the villages... inside the houses... The blue and the green of dreamy lagoons. The peaceful life where there is time to stop, to admire life itself. Treasures of art that evoke pages of centenary history. Nature in its original splendour. The past shoulder by shoulder with today’s day by day. The invitations, to discover and experience a different world, repeated by each one of its nine islands. Azores... For unique and restful holidays. To visit the nine island archipelago is to pick up nine enchanted flowers. All of them are different from each other but are united by their beauty, their nearness to the sea and the kindness of their people. The islands offer hospitality and reveal traditions.

Santa Maria

The island of the golden fields and small villages spread down the slopes, by the sea; of the beautiful chimneys and rainbow colours in the hot summer days; of the fine, soft, golden sandy beaches; of the joyful festivities of August Tide or Vila do Porto’s.

S. Miguel

The green island of the lagoons and crystal clear waters; of the ravines and the sea; of the monuments, museums, theatres and turrets; of the perfume of tropical fruits and flowers and craters smoke; other the people’s strong devotion, summer festivities and natural swimming-pools in the rocks; the contrast of life in the villages and life in the cities of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande.


The lilac island, of the bullfights and Sanjoaninas, the imperios and chapels, the castle’s walls and the prison of the Portuguese royalty, the folklore traditions and the American costumes, the life in the cities of Angra do Heroismo, world patrimony, with its back to the sea, and Praia da Vitoria...


The island of the wheat fields and vineyards, of the wind-mills, the lagoons hidden in the depth of the earth, the peace and calmness of country life, the religious attractions and the beauty of the submarine world.

S. Jorge

The island of the pastures and cheeses, of wild flowers and precipices covered with trees, of the nature’s quietness, the fajas and vineyards, arts and crafts and of villages anchoredin the ocean.


The island-mountain, of the point raised over the horizon, wrapped in the morning haze; of the basaltic stones and of the whales; of the mysteries and of the lagoons surrounded by vegetation; of the valleys and vineyards; of the popular festivities.


The blue island, visited by navigators of the world; island of the paintings on the quay’s walls and the Sea Week; the beautiful sunrises and soft sandy beaches; of naval battles fortifications; of the city Horta spread by the sea.


The garden-island of the water-mills and transparent streams; of basaltic webs and the tranquility of the lagoons; of picturesque old traditions and of the perfume of the flowers.


The smallest of the islands, with it’s kind and friendly people. It is the island of ravines looking down to the sea; of unknown legends resting at the bottom of its volcanic cones; of immense views and of peacefulness...

We hope that among all these suggestions you will be able to find the right place for the honeymoon of your dreams. May your honeymoon be the starting point for a very happy, romantic and full married life.