Historical Development of Travel and Tourism – Timeline Example

Before 1700

3500 BC - Wheeled carts are invented

3500 BC - River boats are invented

2000 BC - Horses are tamed and used for transport

770 - Iron horseshoes come into common use

1492 - Leonardo da Vinci describes a flying machine

1662 - Blaise Pascal invents horse-drawn public bus, having a route, schedule, and fare system


1740 - Jacques de Vaucanson demonstrates his clockwork powered carriage

1769 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot's demonstrates his "steam wagon", arguably the first automobile

1783 - Joseph Montgolfier and Étienne Montgolfier launch the first hot air balloons


1804 - Richard Trevithick builds a prototype steam powered railroad locomotive. Oliver Evans demonstrates a steam powered amphibious vehicle.

1807 - Isaac de Rivas makes a hydrogen gas powered vehicle

1814 - George Stephenson builds the first practical steam powered railroad locomotive

1816 - The most likely originator of the bicycle is German Baron Karl von Drais, who rode his 1816 machine while collecting taxes from his tenants.

1853 - Sir George Cayley builds and demonstrates the first heavier-than-air aircraft (a glider)

1862 - Jean Lenoir makes a gasoline-engine automobile

1868 - George Westinghouse invents the compressed Air brake (rail) for railway trains.


1900 - Ferdinand von Zeppelin builds the first successful airship

1903 - Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright fly the first motor-driven airplane

1903 - small Diesel engine tested in a canal Boat by Rudolph Diesel, Adrian Bochet and Frederic Dyckhoff

1908 - Henry Ford develops the assembly line method of automobile manufacturing

1911 - Selandia launched, the first oceangoing, diesel engine driven ship

1926 - Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fueled rocket

1942 - V2 rocket covers a distance of 200 km

1947 - First supersonic flight

1957 - Sputnik 1, the first man-made satellite to be launched into orbit

1961 - Vostok 1, the first manned space mission, made 2 orbits around the earth.

1969 - First manned mission to the Moon

1981 - First flight of the space shuttle


2004 - SpaceShipOne first commercial manned space flight.