Historical Development of Travel and Tourism

A great way to show changes and developments that happen over a defined period is to use a 'timeline'. This involves creating a visual outline of the main events that are relevant to the issue you're discussing or studying. The historical development of the travel and tourism industry offers us the chance to create such a timeline. 

Task 1

After the lesson, carry out a 'brainstorm' session in class, either in small groups or as a whole class activity. The brainstorm should generate a (long) list of important developments that have affected the growth of the travel and tourism industry. Remember that your groups should only be interested in events that have occurred since 1945.

Your group(s) should produce a list that includes many of the following:

Transport Network

  • Air travel for the mass market - cheap and available
  • Ferry/train/bus routes competing with air transport
  • Growth of road network

Technological Change

  • Mass produced consumer products
  • Mass produced cars
  • Falling costs of the above
  • Development of Internet and e-commerce

Socio-Economic Development

  • Higher incomes 
  • Stable low inflation
  • Greater amount of leisure time
  • Greater Mobility
  • Greater mobility

Task 2

Taking your list of key events, carry out research to find out some key dates associated with each event. For instance, if you think that the impact of affordable cars coming onto the Canadian market has been important, then you could find out when the first mass market small car was launched. On the other hand, the opening of the PEI Bridge could be something that your group believes is the main driver to competition in the ferry market. Train lovers could want information on the introduction of the high-speed. To reflect the growth of the cruise industry, you might want to find some key dates in that area. Alternatively, the introduction of supersonic air travel could be something that you think was vital. But all of the above would not offer travel or tourism opportunities unless people had the time to devote to travel.

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Sample Timeline

The following list of URLs gives you some examples to get you started:

Now draw your group's timeline and be prepared to justify your choice of important events in the class discussion that will follow.