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Historical Development of Travel and Tourism - Lesson


To begin the group's investigation of some of the historical developments underpinning the growth of the travel and tourism industry.

Learning Objectives:

§  At the end of the lesson students should:

§  Know the key prerequisites for travel and tourism development

§  Understand how the UK has developed its communications infrastructure, built mass transportation systems and increased leisure time

§  Have created a list of key developments

§  Have researched into key dates of these developments

§  Have drawn a timeline of developments and discuss its components


§  PowerPoint Presentation - Historical Development of Travel and Tourism - [59K]

§  Activity - Historical Development of Travel and Tourism

§  Projector/PC/Internet access

Lesson Structure:

    1. Introduce Unit 1 'The Travel and Tourism Industry'. Outline the key learning outcomes that the unit will involve.
    2. Go through the PowerPoint Presentation
    3. Give out the Activity sheet
    4. Organize the brainstorm session in Task 1. Note that the format used depends upon group size and space constraints. It is up to the teacher to decide whether to adopt a whole group or small group format.
    5. Compare outputs of the brainstorming against the list at the end of Task 1.
    6. Organize the research activity in Task 2. Make sure groups have areas for research that reflect their interests (expressed in Task 1).
    7. Set up the whole group discussion of findings that emerge from the research activity in Task 2.
    8. Review the learning objectives of the session.

Key Skills:

Throughout this scheme of work, we will be highlighting aspects of the lessons that lend themselves to generating evidence of Key Skills. The following list summarizes those that are relevant to this lesson. The list is not exhaustive, in that students will need to tackle additional activities in order to generate evidence that is sufficient to meet the Key Skills specification.

Communication — Contribute to a group discussion about a complex subject

Whilst the subject discussed in the group might not be sufficiently complex, the students need to understand that participating in a group discussion is a skill that can be practiced in this session.

Information Technology — Plan and use different sources to search for, and select, information required for two different purposes.

Students should plan their use of sources of information for Task 2. This plan will meet one of the two different purposes in the above criterion. Students should be encouraged to think of other sources than just those suggested in the activity.