Activity 2

Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 2 – Activity

The impact of post-September 11th security fears

In response to fears over where the next terror outrage will occur, national governments have issued travel advice to tourists on the specific threat in different countries. In 2003, the governments of various European countries, Canada, and the USA made clear the risk of travelling to Kenya. The travel and tourism industry in that country has been severely affected. The BBC News article, Kenya struggles as tourists stay away, provides some more information.

Task 1

1.     Why was the travel and tourism industry in Kenya affected so badly by events occurring far away?

2.     How have some of the tourism providers tried to protect their business since the issuing of 'travel advisories' in Kenya?

3.     Read the travel Advisory for Kenya. How useful do you think travellers find this advice?

4.     In small groups, discuss the pros and cons of tighter travel security arrangements. Be prepared to share your thoughts with other groups later in the session.

Image: The Masai Mara wildlife reserve in Kenya seems a long way from New York and the twin towers — how did tourism there come to be affected by this event?

Growth of e-commerce

Read pages 15 and 16 of the Deloitte Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Executive Report July 2004, concerning the growth of online travel commerce.

Task 2

1.     The hotel sector has a relatively low level of business through online channels at present. How have hotel chains like Marriott International tried to boost this level?

2.     The report says that, as societies in China and India grow more prosperous in the next 5 to 20 years, they are likely to see massive growth in online access in these countries. What impact is this likely to have on the growth of travel e-commerce?

Image: The Feiyu Cybercafe in Beijing - the largest web-cafe in the city.