This page has a number of exemplars that showcase part of a student's project, or the entire project. If you have any questions regarding any of the exemplars, please speak with Mr. Ferguson.

Exemplar #1

Here are two videos (with sound) that showcase two meals. The student went above the requirement and made all of the meals for all of the wedding plans. She has given me permission to show her videos that showcase two of the meals. There is a song track on each video.

Meal One


Meal Two

Here is a video that shows the rest of this project...


Exemplar #2

Here is a link to a student's web site

Exemplar #3

Here is a student's video (no sound)

Wedding Meal

Exemplar #4

This student's web site has the majority of the elements online.

Exemplar #5

This is another web site with many elements online.

Exemplar #6

Here is another student's web site.

Exemplar #7

And one more web site.

Exemplar #8

A web site with animated images

Exemplar #9

Below are some links to additional student web sites:

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