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Culminating Assignment — Wedding

Thirty percent (30%) of your final mark is based on your culminating assignment. Thus, it is very important to do your best effort to maximize your mark on this. Take a good look at the exemplars I have shown in class to get a solid idea of the type of work you should be producing.

Context: You work for an Event Planning Business in the Ottawa Valley and you have been asked to plan a Spring Wedding.

Design Brief: To design and create a Spring Wedding.

Possible Solutions: List as many possible solutions as you can for planning a wedding.

Design Constraints: The following are some constraints or limitations for this project:

  1. You will work alone.
  2. The project will be submitted (changes every semester, Mr. Ferguson will tell you the due date: Monday June 19, 2017).
  3. You will prepare a minimum of three professional wedding plan proposals and have them approved by Mr. Ferguson (at least a paragraph for each). You will choose one of your wedding plans to fully develop.
  4. You may have a thematic wedding plan; but Mr. Ferguson must first approve the theme.
  5. You will prepare a detailed budget for all areas of the wedding plan.
  6. The following samples need to be created:
  • client information form
  • wedding budget checklist
  • contracts to use with your clients
  • wedding venue evaluation sheets
  • wedding planning timeline
  • business card
  • invitations
  • wedding events planning brochure
  • press release to introduce your business
  • after-event thank-you note
  • detailed invoice broken down by category for the wedding
  • helpful lists including: event supplies, emergency resources, what if contingencies
  • design and create a web site with multiple pages and links for your business (online or “onpaper”) (*note: in the past few years, a number of students have found free online services that make creating a web site a very simple process. You may use these services if you wish)
  1. The Meal must have (at a minimum):
    - appetizer
    - salad
    - entrée with two sides
    - desert
  2. Detailed record of meal preparation (i.e., digital photographs).
  3. Menu with three complete meal options, one of which should be the meal you are making.
  4. A Recipe for each dish on the menu.

Detail Design: The following are the steps to designing and making your Project:

  1. Ensure that your work area is safe.
  2. Develop your wedding plan.
  3. Clean-up your work area.

Materials: as required. Books, pamphlets, internet, etc.

Commissioning: Were you successful in this project when you tried it out?

Evaluation: Did this project work as you expected it to?

Reflection: Did you enjoy this project? What were you most proud of? What would you do differently next time? Skills learned?

Mr. Ferguson will bring in exemplars to give you an idea of previous student work for this culminating project. Feel free to ask to view them any time. Additionally, there is a checklist that will help you keep track of everything required.

The library has two excellent resources for this project, particularly useful for any student who has lost the privilege of using the school computers.

Wedding Planning Books

Rubric (drafts)

Direct whoever is eating/evaluating your meal to evaluate only the greyed-in area of the rubric.

Additional Information

The Ontario Government has an official site, outlining the actual requirements for getting married in Ontario.











January 18, 2012 Teacher: Mr. Ferguson

Tony Ferguson,
May 29, 2017, 8:00 AM