Hospitality and Tourism Excursion

Students taught by Mrs. Wright and myself (Mr. Ferguson) are exploring various forms of ethnic cuisine. On Wednesday January 8, 2014, we will be offering a course enhancement to our students. This enhancement is a cooking class at an Indian restaurant in Ottawa called The East India Company

Students will be able to observe authentic Indian cooking techniques and learn how the various dishes evolved as well as how spices are blended and balanced for optimal flavour in Indian cuisine. Throughout the session, food that is prepared will be tasted by the students. After the session, students will be offered a full buffet meal in the restaurant.

Thus, it is with pleasure that we announce this field trip to The East India Company. 

After homeroom, students will be transported to and from the event by school bus. We will be leaving Ottawa by 1pm to ensure students are back at RCI before 2:25pm. The cost for this excursion will be $25.00 and cheques can be made payable to RCI.

Permission forms and payment must be in no later than Friday April 21st.

For the students to participate in the field trip, your approval is required. Please fill out and sign all of the required forms below and have your child return them to me.

Required Forms

Tony Ferguson,
Apr 18, 2017, 5:14 AM
Tony Ferguson,
Apr 18, 2017, 5:15 AM