Why should you not wear acrylic fingernails while working in a kitchen?
A)They may fall off into food.
B)They will not match the kitchen's uniform.
C)You might scratch other food handlers.
D)They may distract other workers.
Which of these is not a characteristic of appropriate foodservice shoes?
A)They are comfortable.
B)They have closed toes.
C)They have laces.
D)They have slip-resistant soles.
Why is a proper handwashing technique important?
A)Harmful bacteria are easy to spread by hand.
B)Clean hands are more attractive.
C)Handwashing techniques are mandated by law.
D)Wearing gloves will not protect against foodborne illness.
Why should a hand sanitizer be used?
A)In place of washing your hands
B)To treat cuts and scrapes on your hands and fingers
C)Because handwashing is not effective enough
D)To help reduce bacteria on your hands
What should you do if you feel sick while you are at work?
A)Keep quiet and finish your work.
B)Wash your hands twice as much.
C)Notify your manager immediately.
D)Wear a surgical mask while you work.
What does HACCP stand for?
A)Help Analyzing Critical Control Points
B)Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
C)Hazard and Control Culinary Program
D)Hygiene and Cleanliness Control Points
Which of these is a frequently found hazard?
A)Poor personal hygiene
C)Improper reheating
D)All of the above
How quickly should cooling food drop in temperature from 135°F (57°C) to 41°F (5°C)?
A)Two hours
B)Three hours
C)Four hours
D)Five hours
What is the minimum internal temperature of a food?
A)The lowest temperature at which a food can be safely cooked
B)The lowest temperature at which a food can be safely held
C)The temperature to which food much be reheated
D)The temperature at which fresh and frozen foods must be received
Why should you avoid placing a thermometer too close to bone when taking a reading?
A)Because bone will not reach high temperatures inside meat and may give a false reading
B)Because the heat in bones may cause the thermometer to break
C)Because bone conducts heat quickly and may give a false reading
D)Because bones may become brittle during cooking and shatter