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Valentine Inchies

Here is a Valentine project that can be done 2 ways..... you can each make up your own collection of "inchies" or each student can make a class set of one type of "inchie" and then the students can do an exchange.

They are kinda of like miniature valentines that can be shared.

I find that focusing on friendship is the best route; so if you wanted to do a small collection you might include the word "friend" instead of love.


- watercolor paper or posterboard
- tempera, watercolor, or acrylic paints
- assorted felts, pastels, colored pencils
- book pages, newspaper, paper from your collected stash
- scraps of colored paper
- stamps, embellishments, or whatever you have lying around
- glue
- mounting paper

Now an "inchie" is supposed to be a 1 inch by 1 inch square but I find that a little too small; so I make mine 2"x2".

If each child is making a class set then you can measure out the squares but leave the paper whole...that way you can make the backgrounds all at once and then cut the squares.

For your backgrounds you can pull out your all your tricks, plastic cling wrap, bubble wrap, salt, glue stamped, pastel or wax crayon resist, prints.

Once the backgrounds are done and dry you can plan out what you want to put on top, letters to spell out text, symbols, pictures,.......there are endless possibilities.

Here I am using a mini cup to print an "O".

This is metal tape which can then be antiqued.

Mount your collection on a background and you're done!

Class Valentine's Day Project

Set up 9 stations for doing the backgrounds first. When they are dry, change the stations to do the features.

Of course the splatter station is the most popular!

The kids had a blast and are already asking when we can do another art project like that again.....they really liked having to move from station to station.