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Penguin Snow Globe

Materials Required:

Make a template to follow. You want to cut out a circle about 1/2 inch larger in diameter than the cup.

Then using pinking shears or decorative paper cutters, cut a nice scalloped edge all the way around.

Thread your pony bead with your hanging thread and tie in a knot to make a loop.

Glue directly to the top of your cup with tacky glue.

While it is drying you can work on the penguins.

Take an orange pipe cleaner and cut in half. Now bend this in half.

Twist a bit together leaving the ends separate. These are your penguin feet.

Now take a full black pipe cleaner and wrap around a pencil nice and tight.

When you slide it off it should look like this.

Insert the orange pipe cleaner inside the black coil. About two coils from the top bend your orange pipe cleaner so it sticks out. This is your beak and those 2 coils at the top is the top of the head.

Take your white felt and cut a little oval. Glue on the belly of your penguin. 

Glue on some eyes.

Make a second penguin a bit smaller than the first. Cut your orange pipe cleaner about a 1/2 an inch shorter and scrunch down the black coil a bit.

I also used smaller eyes on this one.

Glue your penguins to the cardstock circle.

I have mine close together because of the size of the cup.

Add some loose sequins on the paper. I didn't glue these down as I wanted it to be more like a snow globe.

Run a bead of glue all around the bottom edge of the cup.

Put into place over the penguins.

Put a white pipe cleaner around the bottom. 
Measure how long you need then cut to size, leave a little extra to twist together in a circle. Run some glue around the base of the cup and then slide the pipe cleaner down.

We used some glitter glue to add some sparkle to the pipe cleaner.

Let the glue dry fully and then you have a cute little snow globe ornament.