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Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Here is a batch of paper mache eggs I finished this weekend.

Don't let the paper mache scare you it is only 2 layers thick and will dry within 1 - 2 days especially if placed in a warm spot. (like above the radiator at school).

The Easter Bunny has been coming to our house for a number of years now and we seem to have a lot of these plastic eggs lying around. They make the perfect base for our paper mache.

You can also use Styrofoam. The mache makes these eggs a lot easier to paint.

You need some paper towel strips and white school glue. I always use a glue water mix for paper mache as it is so strong you need fewer layers.

Mix up your glue mixture at about 1 part glue and 1 part water.
I work on wax paper and let the mache dry on wax paper so it doesn't stick.

Start covering your plastic egg. Overlap at different directions forming a good layer or 2 of paper strips.

Every once and a while add a dry strip to soak up the excess, you can also mop up the drips with strips.

Set aside to dry in a warm spot and be sure to turn your eggs over once the top side is dry.

Once your eggs are dry you can paint them. In preparation for painting you can cut a paper roll into some holders. This will help hold your egg while drying to stop it rolling away.

Start painting. I'm using acrylic craft paint but you can also use liquid tempera or poster paint.

Let the base coat dry. I use foam plates as palettes. I know not the most environmentally friendly but I let the plate dry and use over and over again until it feels as heavy as a ceramic plate.

In between painting sessions I use another plate over top to keep my paints from drying out.

When dry add some more detail.

You then can add a coat of Mod Podge for a nice shiny finish.

That's it.