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Inchie Books

You already know that I love creating inchies; but did you know you can turn them into a little book.

Students love miniatures and inchies make perfect little miniature books.

Here is a mouse one.

A Thanksgiving (or other holiday) inchie book would be a great project too!


- inchie squares, mine are twinchies (2"x2")
- jump rings
- little hole punch or awl
- scrap of cardboard
- paint, pencil crayons, whatever you have on hand
- any little embellishments, googly eyes, fancy papers, sequins, etc.
- tacky glue

You can make your inchie squares out of any paper. I tend to use wc paper as I like the heavier weight.

Cardstock or posterboard works well as does manila tag.


Take a cereal or cracker box and cut an inchie for the base of your book.

You can then paint it or cover it with paper glued to it.

Now you probably want to write the text to your book first. This helps you figure out how many pages you need and what the illustrations will be.

Because the inchies are so small you might want to type it out on the computer first. Font size 10 - 8 works great.

You then can cut the sentences or words out and glue on your pages as you go.

Illustrate your book using all kinds of different techniques. Check other inchie projects for ideas.

Once your inchies are completed you need to punch 2 holes on either the top or the side for your binding.

I have a little press punch but you could also use an awl. I punch the title page first and then use it as a guide. I'll put the next page under it and put a pencil mark thru the holes so I know where to punch on the next page.

Those of you who make jewellery will know what a jump ring is. For the rest of you jump rings are wire rings that are split in the middle. You can easily pull them apart and then close them together again.

Open up the ring and starting with the back cover put on the pages. I find it works best if you do all of one side and then the other.

Close up the ring and there you have it. A cute little book that's fun to make!

This is just a few of the pages from the mouse book. .