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Halloween Inchies

Part 1

Well I just can't seem to get enough of these inchies.

Now normally I only do a 9 square composition but I threw in an extra row in case you don't want the "BOO". Remember each one of these squares can also be a large art project....you just might need to alter it a bit.

I always start an "inchie' project by doodling out a plan. Once I have an idea of what I want in the squares I fiddle with it to make them interesting to create.....it then goes thru the assembly line process at school where I'll change things based on supplies we have on hand or how independently the students can manage the process.


Remember use whatever you have, these are just suggestions

- wax paper
- black and red sharpies
-repositional contact paper
- 2" x 2" squares of wc paper or nice drawing/sketch paper
- tempera disk paint
- Black liquid tempera
- masking tape
- googly eyes
- black crayon
- colored paper
- glue
- white labels
- tissue paper
- buttons
- letter stamps and stamp pad
- white crayon or twistable


For the Mummy square I first took some masking tape, ripped off strips and stuck them onto the inchie. Work on top of a piece of wax paper.

Using some watery black tempera (disk) paint over your square.

Wipe off the excess.

Trim off excess tape from edges, glue on 2 googly eyes, and draw in a mouth with a marker.

For the haunted house square first paint a background (graded wash) in stripes of color staring with yellow, to orange, to purple. Let the colors mingle a bit.

When dry drop in a bead of black liquid tempera paint at the bottom.

Using an old credit card or gift card scrape the paint up creating a spooky looking building. Add a bit of paint to the bottom edge for a horizon.

When dry you can cut out pieces of colored paper to glue on for windows. Use a fine sharpie to add a nice roof line to your house as well as a tree.

This project is similar to the Halloween Silhouettes.

The pumpkin square has a purple background, just paint it in with some tempera disk and set aside to dry.

Take a piece of white paper and using a glue stick glue down strips of colored tissue.

Cut out a pumpkin shape and glue this on to your purple background when it has dried.

You can add a green stem. Glue on 2 button eyes an a mouth.

The "B is for BAT" square is just a B stamp with little bats drawn in in sharpie.

For the eyeball square I cut out a sticker from repositional contact paper and stuck it to my square.

Paint yellow and let dry. The contact paper resists the paint.

When dry remove sticker.

Paint in a green iris and black pupil. Add some red wiggly lines for that "bloodshot" look.

For the other "O" I printed off some Halloween type words from the computer.

Glue inchie on to paper, I like to make mine titled. Trim off excess.

Using a crayon make that other "O".

Part 2

For the Spiderweb square I used a twistable white crayon as a resist. You can also use oil pastel. You draw in your spiderweb design on the white square (I know, I know, white on white is hard to see but if you angle it in the light you can see the sheen of the crayon).

Paint it with purple tempera and your spiderweb will instantly appear.

Draw in some spider legs with a sharpie and then add a blob of black paint for the spider. With the kids I think I'll use a Q-tip to make the spider.

For the cat square I cut out a rounded triangle out of black paper and glued it on, used a sharpie to make the ears, cut out eyes from yellow paper and used the sharpie again to mark in the pupils. Glue eyes on. I used a white gel marker to make whiskers and then glued in a small yellow triangle. For really young kids you could base it on basic shapes and have them pre cut.

For the group of ghosts square I painted the background purple. I used some white labels and cut out some ghost shapes. Stick onto your square and then draw in the eyes and mouths.

For the beetle, (Beetlejuice) square paint a oval and let dry. Taking chalk or pastel, color around oval and smear.

Add some details with (you guessed it) a sharpie......man I should have bought stock in that company ...mod podge too!

For Frank I painted a square purple, let dry and then cut out a pocket shape from old green painted paper (it pays to have that painted paper stash!) . Glue onto square.

Then I cut out a rectangle from black paper and cut a spiky hairline (with young kids those decorative scissors work great for this), glue on to googly eyes. I also cut 2 little squares from my metal tape, you could use sequins or stickers. Add a mouth and that one is done.

For the owl square I painted it orange and let dry. Using my stamp pad I stamped a thumbprint.

Punched 2 eyes from white paper and glued those on. Color in pupils with you know who (Mr. Sharpie)!

Add a few details (feet, wings, tuffs) and glue on a yellow beak. I should of done 2 as there was room.
There you have it all 12 squares.