Vehicle Problems

Below is a chart of some of the vehicle problem you will draw. Each student will draw twelve times (one problem per month). There will be four slips that indicate that your vehicle will have no problems that month. Keep your fingers crossed for those slips!

Car needs new Front Brakes including calipers, pads, rotors, brake fluid.

Car needs new Rear Brakes including shoes (or pads), drums (or rotors), wheels cylinder (or calipers), spring kit (drum type only).

You were popping the clutch and squealing the tires which caused you to burn out your clutch. You need a whole new clutch plate installed.

You “squawk” the tires on a regular basis and have worn out your tires. Buy a set of four.

You do a lot of driving on dirt roads. You need a new air filter.

No vehicular problems this month!

You often ‘tromp’ the gas and accelerate rapidly. This has caused the transmission (or gear box) to “blow” and you need to replace the whole assembly at a transmission shop.

You hit a really nasty bump on the road and your wheels are misaligned now. Upon investigation, you discover that you need to replace 4 ball joints and a tie-rod, during the alignment.

You forgot to top up the oil and your engine seized. You need to have your  engine replaced.

Your car won’t start. Upon investigation, you discover that your battery has no charge. So, you buy a new battery and install it yourself. A week later, you have the same problem and learn you need to replace your alternator.

You power steering pump blew. You need to replace it.

You have a car accident and your at fault. There is $2500 damage to your car and $3800 damage to the other car. Your insurance will now double for the next three years. You have to pay the deductible on your insurance.

You got a speeding ticket and lost points on your licence. The fine is $250. Your insurance goes up by 25% for the next three years.

A stone hit your front windshield. You decide if you pay the deductible on your insurance to have it fixed or just pay the cost yourself.

Someone slashed your tires in Ottawa. Buy a new set or pay the deductible on your insurance. You choice.

You and someone special go on a nice date. Extra $50 in gas and $180 in dinner and a movie.

You decide to get some awesome graphics for your ride. $265

A cop pulled your over and gave you a warning about rust blisters and holes. $400 to “patch” them and paint with store bought paint.

Someone brings a pet cat in your car and it makes a mess. A week later, you still can’t get the smell out. So, you take it to a professional detailer shop to get it cleaned properly. $150.

You buy floor mats and seat covers for your car. $120

You get HID lights installed. $220

You’re driving along a dirt road and your muffler falls off. $85

You have several exhaust leaks requiring professional repair. $125

Your shocks are done. $160. Then, you break a bolt taking off the old ones. Take a taxi to the Parts Store $15. Buy a new bolt and nut $1.20


No vehicular problems this month!


No vehicular problems this month!

No vehicular problems this month!