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Back to School Project

I was fiddling around with the first project for class today. The theme for the year at school is "You are the Light of the World...Shine"

So this is the concept I'm working on.

My plan is to take photos of each of the kids striking some sort of pose... these are some of my kids from this summer.

I cropped them and then converted them to black and white with high contrast. I then printed them off....for school I think I'll use 8x10 for a larger poster.

If it is hard to see your outline you can trace over it with a black marker to define your cutting line.

Cut out...

If you turn them over you can get a good idea what they are going to look like.

Now you need some contact paper...you can pick this up at Wal mart or Home Depot. You want the repositionable one so you can remove it easily.

Take a bit off the roll and lay down on a flat surface. I taped it down to stop it from rolling back up.

Now you can put a little bit of tape on your cutout....place onto the back of the contact paper and trace out.
Cut out.

Remove backing and place into position on paper...because its repositionable you can move it around if you need to.

Rub with your finger to make sure all the edges are firmly secured.

Start painting.....I started with yellow

continue painting radiating outward.

Let dry.

Remove contact paper...you can keep this cutout to use over again if you wish. Store them on a piece of wax paper.

Here I was trying out different ideas...

Label them with your name in bubble letters, so you can fill them in with a marker.

Add the original cut out and the words "you shine"