Co-operative Education — Exit Assignment


Due: June 13, 2014

Part One — Update Your Resume

The requirement for Part One is to update your resume to include your co-op placement and to add any skills you may have developed from your experience. Feel free to add anything else you have done over the course of the semester to update your resume. Your resume will be evaluated using the Exit Resume rubric.

Some things to consider when updating your resume

  • Add new skills you feel you have developed
  • Add new work and volunteer experiences
  • Describe your work duties
  • Update your reference sheet to include your present Co-op supervisor. Ensure that you ask your cooperative education employer — prior to putting his or her information in your resume — if they would consider being a reference for you.
  • Ask your cooperative education employer for a letter of reference.

Part Two — Exit Interview

Students will sit down with Mr. Ferguson (or another teacher, if this can arranged) and provide verbal answers to the Interview Questions. Students are expected to dress and prepare as they would for a formal business interview.  Students will be evaluated using the Exit Interview rubric.

Interview Questions

  1. Outline one of the best experiences you had at your placement and one of the least satisfying.
  2. Did your job duties align with your expectations?
  3. Discuss the importance of doing quality work.
  4. Why do businesses expect you to be at work on time, complete work when expected, and use initiative on the job?
  5. How has your time management improved as a result of your experience?  Provide a specific example.
  6. Describe a problem you had at your placement and explain how you solved it.
  7. Outline an area you can improve on and explain how you would realize these improvements. 
  8. Did this placement have an impact on your future career plans?  Explain.
  9. What was the biggest surprise for you?
  10. How has your co-op placement affected you and what did you learn from it?