Virtual Integration Day

We will be having a virtual integration day! 

For this, you do not have to come into the school. Instead, you must complete an assignment on our e-learning site that must be submitted through the drop box by Friday January 17, 2014. 
On our e-learning site (, please complete Module 5 – Activity 2 (Self-Assessment) and submit your work to the drop box.


This activity will give you an opportunity to reflect on your learning to this point and to assess your own performance. 


  • Reflect on and analyse your placement experiences
  • Reinforce the job-skills theory acquired in the classroom and the skills, techniques and principles learned at the placement


Complete the following assignment and submit your work to the Unit 5 - Activity 2 - Self Assessment drop box. 

From your observations of supervisors and fellow employees, from your knowledge acquired during pre-placement and from your own reflections and analysis, think about what you can do to become a more "valuable employee" at your co-op placement.  Include thoughts on your employability skills (skills, attitudes, behaviours), your communication skills, work ethic, etc.  Try to be as specific as possible & think about qualities that are more important in your placement than they might be elsewhere.   

List 8 - 10 characteristics or qualities of people who have excellent job skills. (a positive attitude, great communication skills, punctuality, etc.) Explain why each of these characteristics is so important at your particular co-op placement (eg.  A positive attitude is important at ___________ because it demonstrates that I am happy to be there and that I am willing to assist others.)

From the list of skills in the previous section, select 5 that apply to you.  List them in ascending order (#1 being your greatest strength, etc.)   Provide evidence, examples, stories, etc. that demonstrate that you possess each skill.  
We all have room for improvement.  What are some of the skills, qualities, attributes, etc. where you feel that improvement is required (list at least three)?  How could this help improve your performance at your current co-op placement?  Realizing that we have to improve is one thing, but making it happen is another.   What is you plan for making these changes (be specific - don't just use a general "I will try harder" statement). 

Reflect on your performance and achievements so far at your placement.  What mark (use either a percentage grade or a level grade) would you give yourself for your work?  You must defend your decision with supporting evidence.


Rubric: Self-Assessment
CategoriesLevel 1
(50 - 59%)
Level 2
(60 - 69%)
Level 3
(70 - 79%)
Level 4
(80 - 100%)
Knowledge and Understanding
Skill / quality list Includes limited ideas and information Includes some ideas and information Includes sufficient ideas and information Includes thorough ideas and information

Skill / quality assessment

Includes limited support for main ideas

Includes some support for main ideas

Includes considerable support for main ideas

Includes thorough support for main ideas

Thinking and Inquiry
Student's ability to honestly assess their own skills and shortcomings

Shows limited evidence of critical thinking

Shows some evidence of critical thinking

Shows considerable evidence of critical thinking

Shows thorough evidence of critical thinking


Connections to the student's specific co-op placement

Makes limited connections to their specific co-op placement.  Comments are vague and general.  Makes some connections to their specific co-op placement.  Some comments are placement-specific, but many are vague and general.  Demonstrates considerable connections to their specific co-op placement.   Demonstrates thorough connections to their specific co-op placement. 
Writing style, complete sentences, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization.   A considerable number of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, & capitalization.  Some errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, & capitalization. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, & capitalization are generally correct, with few errors. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization are correct.  Full sentences and excellent writing style were used throughout.