Integration Day #1 — Personalized Health & Safety Video Activity

Reminder — you will need ear buds / head phones today.


Together, we have watched videos on a wide variety of topics. We will be watching videos today, but not together! Each student has been assigned a specific list of videos to watch. Some videos may be short as 30 seconds in length, while others will be considerably longer. Where possible, the videos have been tailored to your specific co-op placement or part time job. For some students, your assigned videos will pertain to your personal health & safety, but are not job-specific.

To find the videos, please do the following:
  • Log onto an RCI computer 
  • Go under “My Computer”
  • Click on the downward-facing black triangle on the far right hand side of the address bar at the top of the screen
  • Select “Apps on ‘Rciserv’ (G:)” 
  • Select “Health & Safety Videos”
  • Alternatively, log onto your RCDSB school account to watch the videos
  • The videos are arranged by topic (there is a separate folder for each topic). The topics that you will be viewing are highlighted in black at the top of each page. 


  • Watch each of the videos that you have been assigned.
  • Initial beside each video after you have watched it
  • When you have watched all of the videos on the page, please sign and date the bottom of the form. 
  • Write a one-page summary of what you have taken away from these videos. Possible thoughts to consider are:
    • Did you learn anything new?
    • Is there anything that you will do differently as a result of what you have seen today?
    • Do you think that the videos are realistic?
    • Does your placement follow the safety guidelines outlined in these videos? 
    • Down the road, your kids may be working in potentially dangerous placements. Kids will often emulate their parents (e.g. Dad always removes the guards on our farm equipment, so I will do the same). Given your view towards safety, will you be a good role model for your kids? 
  • Using the Dropbox in our e-learning site, submit your assignment to Unit 5 – Activity 7 – Personalized Health & Safety Video activity.
  • Please return the sheets to your co-op teacher listing the videos that you reviewed (sign them first). 
  • Browse the other topics in the video inventory. Please feel free to watch other videos that are of interest to you. You do not have to include these videos in your activity write-up. 


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Tony Ferguson,
Nov 27, 2013, 9:02 AM