Final Student Evaluation Instructions

The following guidelines are designed to assist the employer in the completion of the RCI co-op student evaluation form. 

Students must stop into the co-op office to pick up their evaluation forms.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us at (613) 432-4858
(Tony Ferguson – ext. 179, Terry Edwards – ext. 1282).

  1. You have been provided with a copy of the Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP) for your co-op student.  This is the same form that was used for mid-term evaluations.  In this case, we are simply adding current information to the “final” column instead of the “midterm” column. 
  2. In each section, you will see a list of expectations upon which your student can be evaluated.  If you feel that any of the expectations listed are not applicable to this placement, please leave them blank.
  3. Each co-op placement has been linked to one or more high school courses that the student has previously completed or is currently enrolled in at RCI.  Some of the official course expectations that might be applicable to this placement have been listed in Section 4. 
  4. Section 5 (Employer’s Expectations) lists expectations that are more directly applicable to this particular placement.  Once again, please add a final mark for any applicable expectations and ignore the others.  If there are additional expectations that you feel have been overlooked & should be included, please write them on the sheet and provide a final mark for that expectation. 
  5. There are six categories of learning skills described in section 6 (Placement Learning Skills Assessment).   For each applicable learning skill, please place a checkmark in the appropriate level in the Final column.  The 4 levels (N, S, G & E) are described at the top of the page. 
  6. In section 8 (Comments and Signatures, Final), please add any comments that you feel would be appropriate for your co-op student’s performance this semester.  Your comments will be added to your student’s report card.  Please sign & date this form in the designated areas below your comments. 
  7. If you like, please feel free to review this evaluation with your student.  They can add any comments that they may have, along with the date & their signature.  If you prefer, the co-op teachers at RCI would be happy to review the evaluation with your student. 
  8. We would appreciate it if all evaluations could be completed by Thursday, June 11th.  Please contact your student’s co-op teacher at RCI so that they can pick up the completed evaluation (or send it in with your student, if you prefer).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation and for providing a valuable opportunity for RCI co-op students!