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Technology Expectations

Technological Studies

Our expectations are modelled after expectations employed in the world-of-work.

This is to best prepare students for their future careers.

Safety First

  • All safety rules will be followed at all times. 
  • It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure safety — if someone is compromising safety; it’s your responsibility to make everyone aware.
  • Cutting corners and skipping steps result in accidents.
  • When a safety breach occurs, the shop will be shut down. The situation will be rectified and we will all learn from what happened.
  • Students who compromise the safety of themselves or others will be reviewed to determine if they will be allowed to remain in the course.

Being Accountable

  • Students must be engaged and on task at all times. Employers frown on workers who spent time off task, as it costs them money.
  • Students must be accountable for their whereabouts. Leaving the work area, without making your supervisor aware, could result in problems in the workplace. Students must have permission to leave the classroom.
  • Taking care of all aspects of the job — every job has its upside and every job has its downside. In the world of work, we are expected to complete every aspect of the job, not just the hands on component, or the portions we like. Therefore, students are expected to complete paperwork and assignments with care and to submit them on time. A credit cannot be awarded to a student who does not complete all aspects of a course.

Important Note:  Our technology classes are set at a cap of 24 students to provide the safest and most effective program. These numbers are not negotiable. Therefore, it goes without saying that there is a long list of students waiting to get an opportunity to attend these classes. If any technology student displays that they are not willing to follow the above expectations, it only stands to reason that they will be replaced by someone who will. Let’s have a great semester!!

Printable form to be signed and returned to Mr. Ferguson

Tony Ferguson,
Feb 12, 2013, 7:55 AM