Emergency Services — IMS100/EM131

posted Mar 22, 2012, 7:58 AM by Tony Ferguson   [ updated Dec 20, 2012, 6:16 AM ]
All first-year TPJ students (rookies) must complete the IMS 100 Certification program offered through the provincial government web site

All second-year TPJ students (probies) must complete the EM 131 Certification program. If they neglected to complete the IMS 100 Certification in a previous year, then they will be required to complete it at this time. There is one other course that is available for the probies that they can do for extra credit:EM 125 Certification

Select the link to Take IMS 100 Course Now  
(Probies will select the Take EM 131 Course Now link; and/or the optional Take EM 125 Course Now). 

You should download the study package and prepare yourself for the exam. There is also a multimedia learning package that you can go through. When you are confident in your knowledge, go back to this web page and select ACCESS THE TRAINING PORTAL TO TAKE THE EXAM. You will then need to select LOGINand then select NEW USER and create your profile. Do not loose this information as you will need it to access your portal in a subsequent year in TPJ; or you will need to access it for your job when you are employed in the Emergency Services Industry. 

Complete the exam... 

Print TWO copies of your certification(s) and provide one of the copies to Mr. Ferguson for your file. 

If you like, you could get your other copy framed and hang it on your wall at home!