About Mr. Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys scuba diving, caving, cave diving, rock climbing, parachuting, skiing, open country exploration, water-skiing, para-sailing, and canoeing/kayaking. He is a scuba Instructor Trainer Evaluator and he has authored several, technical scuba-diving manuals and a variety of other publications. Mr. Ferguson is also a very avid guitarist. He played in a couple of bands nearly 40 years ago and has recently played with three bands in 2013-14. They performed on a semi-regular basis. He's also been a guest guitarist for other bands.

Mr. Ferguson first volunteered in the fire services over 35 years ago at the Ottawa Fire Station 55 on Blair Road. He did a lot of hose rolling and equipment cleaning back then! He’s been involved with a number of fire departments since then, including the Lanark Highlands Fire Services at the White Lake Station. It is his nature to adopt leadership roles and responsibilities as his background lends itself well to them. He has numerous certifications in Paramedic Training; Search and Rescue; and Fire Ground Operations, which all lend themselves well to the emergency services industry. Mr. Ferguson has held the positions of Firefighter, Fire/Medic, Training Officer, Deputy Chief, and Chief Medical Officer. He enjoys being an active and supportive member of his community.

They say that the 'third time is a charm' and Mr. Ferguson is married to his third wife (Fawn). They've been together since 1995. He has three children: Cody, 33 from his first marriage; Travis, 25 and Elyssa, 24 from his second marriage. Cody lives in St. John's Newfoundland. Travis graduated from Carleton University in 2015 and he is working as an Electrical Engineering. Travis was married in 2018. Elyssa graduated from Algonquin College in the business program in 2015. She also lives on a farm and has 7-8 hours of farm chores each day. Elyssa was married in 2017 and they have a son (Geoffrey). Elyssa also loves to spend time with her horse, Ayana. Mr. Ferguson was reunited with his first son (Cody) after 18 years in the summer of 2006. 

During the 1970’s, Mr. Ferguson was a lifeguard and a swimming, canoeing, and kayaking instructor. He was the top Canadian contender for the 1984 Olympics in springboard and tower diving, but an injury to both wrists ended his springboard and tower diving career and his Olympic dream. He went on to coach springboard and tower diving and is a NCCP Level III coach. He began scuba diving and playing underwater hockey in 1976. Mr. Ferguson was on the Canadian National Underwater Hockey Team and competed in the 2008 World Championships in Durban, South Africa. His son, Travis, was on the 2008 Canadian U-19 National underwater hockey team.

In the 1980’s, Mr. Ferguson attended the University of Ottawa to study Medicine, but other considerations prevented him from completing this pursuit; and Algonquin College, where he completed the Master Cabinetmaker program with Honours. Years later, he received an Honour's Diploma in Architecture and has taught the Architecture program in the evenings at Algonquin College. Since 1979, he has taught search-and-rescue programs at several facilities in Ottawa as well as at the Police College in Ottawa.

Since 1986, Mr. Ferguson has operated his own general contracting firm specializing in furniture and cabinet making; project management; home construction, and architectural, electrical, and mechanical design and drafting. In the 1990’s, He made a career-changing decision to do what he loves most. He returned to University to become a high-school teacher...and he loves his job!
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